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I don't know why, might be because I cleared his laboratory before even triggering his quest. But when I returned there to confront him. He stood there as untargetable dummy and fight isn't triggering. Character trying to trigger scene (cause they are stopping before him) but failing to do so.
Same for me, did you find any solutions?


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Does this quest still exist in DE? I can only find a journal mentioning his wand but nothing about killing his wife. Can trigger no dialogue that starts the quest.
I didn't find the diary in his bedroom too, but managed to get the quest by using Sebille or outlaw tag in dialog with him and then winning 5pts persuation
In DE I had Ifan in my party. Had dialogue pop up with the Groom with Ifan when I got close to him. Turned down the offer and never got a quest or anything. Cleared the lab and didn't find anything to trigger the quest either.
If you speak to Dorian with another character after the dialogue with Ifan, Dorian will offer the assassination contract yo that character instead.
In the Definitive Edition the Diary is in his normal Bedroom, where the hatch into his basement is located. It's simply laying on a table, near a Window.
DE: I had split off a party member before entering the cellar, so he accidentally remained upstairs when the rest of the party triggered the timed trap in the lab. When the hatch gets blocked it's because the bed is replaced over it by the trap. I didn't try to climb back up the ladder, though that should work if your other party member hits the button again. I initially just started picking up and sending all the oil barrels to Lady Vengeance before I noticed I was short a party member. Funny thing was that I was able to put that loose party member in sneak mode, climb down the hatch after unlocking it again, and then sneak right over to the button and deactivate the trap - he was never pulled into combat so never had to deal with limited AP. And all I was trying to do was have him pick up more barrels!
The way I did this quest and had no bugs: got invitation from drunk dwarf woman, was allowed in through the shop entrance; spoke to the groom first: I had Ifan in my party and the groom asked him to help him with the assassination, Ifan refused. Then I spoke to the bride Isla and then with her dad upstairs. He gave me info about queen Justinia (but I did not insist a lot at this point. Had success with persuasion tests using 6 Persuasion + higher stat. Then I went to the garden and exploded the cake (dad mentioned his daughter did not even got a chance to taste it). Reported about the cake and learned that it was a gift from a doctor. Took the note left next to the cake (mentions Isbeil and updated log). Then went to the grooms house which is next to the the old moneylender lady's. Found his diary in the bedroom, opened hatch, visited the lab in the basement, escaped by activating the explosions. Back to the merchant's place, the groom was still on the balcony, I left Ifan in the other room, just in case I lose pts with him when I accepted the assassination contract, got xp at that point. Then went inside and told everything to the daughter who believed me and run upstairs to tell her dad. When I talked to him he gave me only 2 options 'oh, you came to do the job' and 'take your leave'. I chose the second and as I was leaving he stopped me and asked me to kill his son in law instead, which I accepted. I got to the groom's house (he had left the balcony and was in this time, in the basement lab. My main is an undead and heals from poison so I left my party in the first chamber where there's no traps and fought the groom 1 to 1 (it was a bit of an annoying fight because he teleports and drinks potions all the time and regains health & armor but I eventually got him. Back to the merchant's house I got xp and a choice of gear for reward. The wand that the groom drops had only 2/5 charges of ooze blobs when I looted it. There's also some good stuff in a chest at the end chamber of his basement lab.
When you try to pick-pocket him before he run from the wedding the wand in his inventory has 2/4 charges. If you dont steal it at that moment and loot it in the end after you kill him it will have 5/5 charges. (DE)