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i don't know how i got the quest and now i can't seem to finish it (i met The Advocate before Jahan and other source masters)
how do i get to arx without the quest closing when i start nameless isle?
This quest will not close and will continue on in Arx. It's intended, not a bug.
My quest log said to sail to Arx. I have talked to the three calling it by it elven name, I've discovered the demon name and so on, but when I arrive on The Nameless Island, it close!! Did I missed something?
I spent 10 hours on this island going over every square inch of it. How in the hell is anyone supposed to know to use a shovel to dig in that exact spot to reveal the hatch? There is no in-game indication of either the location or that digging is required. It's the first time in the game a shovel needed to be used manually and the first time I had to use a search engine to find an answer on how to progress.
The Archive's location was marked on my map, though I don't remember when it appeared. Perhaps after learning about the Archive from a spirit on the island?
it requires a high wits check to find. you don't have to use a shovel randomly. I used peace of mind on a high wits character and it was revealed. Not sure what exact wits you need is.
At the north-west location there is a ghost who tells you the archive is in the north-east location. You need enough wits to spot it. If you have the red prince in your team you dont need a shovel btw, he can use his hands to dig.
I agree. Absolutely dumb. I spent about 4 hours looking at a picture of the hatch and wondering why the ground on my screen was covered with taint instead of a hatch. Little did it occur to me that I could manually dig...
You have to have over 16 wits
The location of the archive (and other locations pertaining to the island) can be marked by interacting with the map that is on the ground at the island side of the bridge. A pilgrim, bride and knight are sitting around a campfire. The map can be found near them.
When you reach Bloodmoon Isle through invisible bridge, a loyal servant greets you. There is a map right in front of him that reveals location of Archive, Ancient Forge and Sculptures.
Well I did everything,found the archive,read Archivist's Journal and i still can't talk with the Tree,what the hell am I doing wrong ? I mean,I did kill the black ring people and the demon lizard befre finding this archive,but mustn't be it,right ?
Have you cast Spiritvision?
Sooo... Got a Problem... I consumed the ghost of the Archivist earlier in game ... now I can´t talk to the tree ... possible to get his name anywhere? Also don´t have a elf in party...
Lesson is not to be d!ck to ghosts. Ghosts are people too. Well, were.
Just read the book, it will give you her name, then go to the tree and use spirit vision.
Get the book from off the desk that is surrounded by the bookshelves, Read it, that gives you the name
The quest closed for me when moving to nameless isle,l even though I talked to the tree, got the name of the demon,l told it to Jahan and did everything according to this page.
What did I do wrong?