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Is it just me or am I missing a key for the ornate chest? I already killed Sallow and Windego, but I can't get the Haft. Anyone else have the same problem?
The key was on a body of one of sallow man's followers.
I save 3 piece for lv 20 crafting and later on in Arx Almira is nowhere to be found, when leaving hall of echo she still on Lady Vengeance and then disappear.I have the second SB lv13 which is found in Arx but i can't complete this quest.HELP(if you want to keep the SB or the schematic just before turn in dialog use another character and throw the SB or schematic out of inventory and pick it up later.I think it a bug)
Same here, anyone know what's up with that?



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She should show up again in the Hall of Echos (the ghost version of your wrecked ship, basically). Her and her loverboy and Tarq all go back into the Hall of Echoes after you walk away the first time. Try waypointing there to make sure they generate.


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If you wish to complete the quest AND keep the swornbreaker, simply buy it off of her right after handing it in to Almira (don't leave the dialogue window!). It's pretty expensive though.
Simple trick to buy it without losing money, Put all your money into coin purses/pouches and then give it to her and buy as much stuff as possible. Then simply pick pocket the coin pouch for 1kg worth of weight and 0 in terms of value. - get all your money back + every item in her inventory. (if you don't have enough to buy everything in her inventory, simply get her attitude to 100 - respec someone to get bartering too, this will give you a large discount)
It´s possible to buy it, but I will get downscaled to Level 16 after you turned in the quest.
I fear that this bugs the quest
For everyone looking for the tablet ,it's under books and keys.
Too bad Almira's quest bugged for me in Act 2 and she doesn't appear in Act 3 for me -_- because the game thinks I didn't help her even though I did.
Did you buy or steal the Swornbreaker back from her before she could use it? I wouldn't do that..
Now the Swornbreaker need the character to have Sworn Tag in order to equip it.
Should be updated in the recent patch
How do you get the "Sworn" tag?
If you saved Almira and gave her the tablet you simply need the two pieces.

Going back to her on lady vengance in act 3 with both pieces will give you an option for you to take back the tablet and craft the weapon yourself or hand her the pieces and complete the quest.
If you give her the swornbreaker, you can immediately buy it back during this dialogue. It disappears if you leave the conversation (she consumes it). This completes her quest but also gives you the swornbreaker for uses elsewhere.
Indeed that works. 1 downside on it that it lowers in level when you give it to her. I crafted it and it was level 19 but when you buy it back from her its only level 16 anymore witch makes it useless for my 2h warrior. But i guess i better buy it back for the sworn skill hee :-)
Divinity's wiki is honestly one of the worst I've seen. Almira has a quest that ends with you giving her the tablet, she doesn't give you any new quest to gather the rest of the parts, nor did she actually go to the ship, at least not for me. Now I am wondering wether or not I can actualy do this quest when/if I get it seeing as I don't have tablet anymore.
She went to the ship for me. On the nameless isle I asked her to give back the tablet and so she did. Then I crafted Swornbreaker and decided to give it to her, do end the quest, just like the wiki states.
your comment is the worse ive seen. She gives the tablet back to you when asked, then when you get the swronbreaker you can return it to her for loot. just like it says. She does appear on the boat if you helped her but sometime she takes a bit to show up. This wiki has no false information in it, you are just incompetent.
yeah i agree fextralifes wiki *****ing suck horse*****
Hi idiots... After u help Almira initially she goes to Lady Vengeance where u handover the tablet. Then Before leaving the ship to Nameless isle talk to Almira and she will give this quest.
There's a way to get the Swornbreaker back from Almira without downgrading its level (i.e., buying back): 1. Press [F1] to select your main character, or whatever your keybinding is, then talk to Almira but don't select any of the dialogue options yet. 2. Press [F2] to select another character then go to inventory, right click the Swornbreaker, and store it on Lady Vengeance. 3. Press [F1] again and give her the Swornbreaker, completing the quest. 4. Open to the storage chest on the Lady Vengeance, and enjoy your hard-earned Swornbreaker!
can you do this method and also buy it back from her after "giving" her one, thus giving you a 4th one?