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I rescued Shaela and she didn't appear on the tree. I killed both the tree and the shadow prince as a Devine if someone dares to go war I'll end it myself not some *****ing lizard, tree or god king
Man, I love this game, and how it can draw you in. First time, I took the deathfog from shadow route. Didn’t feel good after, since deathfog is what we are fighting against. So I started over as a 2 man cell, instead of 4 people and gonna just kill both of them. They’re both hurting innocent people in their own way. Plus MORE exp.
As Sebille, I'm obviously going to kill the Shadow Prince as that's my main quest. But why does the Tree need to die? If I become the new tree, do I end my game as a tree then? I killed Alexander but then had to kill Sallow Man too as he attacked us and tried to make us swear fealty to the Shadow King, but we survived and didn't have to thank goodness. Sallow Man is very tough, constantly hits team with Plagues and curses, which seem to renew each turn, and he has tons of AP. Though it's offered quite a bit in many talents, Poison is usually useless since many enemies are undead like him, which is stupid and irritating, as I have Fane in my party for lockpicking. At least he can go through all of the poison traps all over the game w/o problems, and can even manage Deathfog, since he's already dead. And you can't even heal him properly as it'll hurt him instead unless you use something that skips him like Healing Wave. First Aid will injure him, which is dumb since he still has 'vitality' which is what it's meant to restore.
Use poison on fane to heal him.
TELEPORT. HIM. TO. THE. LAVA. Thought that was hella obvious
I held Sebille back again, then got box from Shadow thru Red, then talked to him right after with Ifan who said incorrectly that the Deathfog has been released and tree is dead as are all elves. Then I brought Sebille in, did the dialogue and began fighting. Easily beat Shadow by teleporting him onto ledge across cavern, where he was stuck with no movement skills and the two summons I put on him while I took care of the hidden gang one by one. Went BACK to tree with his heart, and there's Delorus on a path crying about how horrible it is like there was Dfog released, but I went up and it was fine. Weird, but whatever.
interesting thing i noticed. If you waste the shadow then talk to his spirit he says that the elven tree must fall because "he" fears teh elves but won't elaborate on who 'he' is.... it made me think that the god king might be one one who wantrs the elven tree dead
You can find a letter from him to Windego in the Sallow Man's cave.
It feels like this whomever made this game is obsessed with the "grey area". Where almost every choice you make ends poorly, and the only ones that play it straight are the evil choices. What's that? Both of them are evil again and the "good" one is actually the bigger evil? No way! If you ask me, in the name of all that is good, kill them both. Otherwise, you do you. ;)
I think that’s the point, forge you’re own path, only to realize everybody is selfish and inherently “bad” which justifies the whole “become a god to reset the world”
Killed the shadow prince then came to the tree and it keeps warping me back out to where Saheila is so I can't kill the damned thing
I used the charm skill, arrows and grenades with Sebille on the shadow prince. enjoyed every second he unwillingly slaughtered his own men