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I went to the Shadow Prince with Sebille in my party and there is simply no conversation, they attack me on sight.
That feals like a major bug since it ends Sebiles quest with no story at all.
I found and killed the shadow prince first before i found this quest lol , Really wasnt expecting Sibilles master and the guy who tried to assasinate my Red prince was the same guy...well either way i killed him...took all the knowledge he offered...and killed his spirit aswell...then Me (Red Prince) and Sibille kissed at his mutilated corpse....ahh i love this game....
We went to the mother tree and killed it like Saheila requested....so we had to kill everybody else aswell....oh well lol
Only got 50,150XP for turning in the Shadow Prince's heart to the Scion (lvl 18)
There are no "dryads" during the Scion fight, only the Scion and a bunch of 200hp sprouts that reward 0 xp. I did not have Sebille in my party.
Nevermind, they were closer to the door, and in a separate fight.
Sahelia never appeared. I tried to find her after checking here, and she's apparently a no-show. I've talked to both tree and prince. Anyone else had this happen?
You might have killed her in the first act, or she got killed in the third.
I can't believe I missed this entire quest while playing as Sebille just because I didn't talk to a single NPC. I appreciate the game gives you tons of freedom but the lack of signposting here is ludicrous.
Sahila said I should kill the tree. Sebille agreed. The tree got slaughtered by power of my so00kiness (and my spoopy skeletal minions) My next stop is killing Sebille master, and dipping my b0ne in elven murderous dandere
so I got rooted by the tree, then sahelia shows up tells me to kill the tree so I did, now I cant find sahelia where did she go? need her to finish the quest.
what if you kill both the prince and the heart?
I killed Saheila at Fort Joy. But she appeared at the tree. What the hell is going on?