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it's beyond me how they managed to ***** their questsystem so hard
quit making***** up, the scarecrow has nothing to do with this quest people just think it does because they both say the word 'rest' lol
I'm trying to start this quest as Fane. Either something changed or Fane can't do this quest.


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Just checked, had no problem starting the quest up on Fane. Is he your avatar?
Playing playthru 2 after lastest patch, this quest not even activate in journal, doesn't matter anyway cuz it's already trash.
Actually the scare crow could have something to do with this quest. Ive done 4 playthroughs in this game, each time doing this quest. My current run this quest is bugged, and the only difference this run is that I encountered the scare crow BEFORE going to any one of the altars. The quest will not start/trigger and Ive been to all 3 altars and interacted with them yet have not gained source point. In my experience, it seems likely that the scare crow event might possibly break this questline.
As far as I can tell, this is no longer a quest, but merely a task. Each altar seems to refill source points.
As of release, not an actual quest anymore.
Charm is your best friend against the abomination.
I've been to and knelt at all 3 altars but, the quest not only hasn't completed but it has never appeared in my quest log at all. What the hell?
I dropped my sandwitch while fighting scarecrow. There's probably some kind of connection.