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So after saving Gwydian, there seems like no way to kill him or his family. If you attack him during the dialogue, no damage is taken, even with piercing dmg. When you attack him and his family after receiving the reward, they just disappears.
I went to the black pits before I met Hannag. Should I turn back to find Hannag first or can this quest still be done?
The voidlings jump to two locations in respective to the highest tower. They jump to the corner behind the hang, and they jump to the platform below the highest platform and walk up. Simply use pots that you can find in any kitchen and close up those areas. The voidlings cannot move around after jumping, and limits their spread of oil and fire while your guys stay at the top and shoot their ***. Not sure if Gwydian has movement skills, never saw him use one. This also limits his movements so he doesn't just run everywhere. I killed Jonathan fast using a very heavy crate because I was mad that he is just killing innocents.
Keeping your group at the highest platform also allows you to use skills like mass cleanse to get rid of necrofires when needed. Learned this the hard way