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A really easy way to break this fight is to position yourself near Jahan on your first turn. He'll aggro onto the parasites and oneshot them with chainlighting
Easy to defeat him on 3rd encounter: He first attacked Lohse and charmed her, used another char to teleport Lohse to Jahan's front yard, Jahan would match over then GG.
I have read through a lot of issues with the walk through on this one I will try and answer some of them: This guide is accurate. On the first encounter free him, win the battle and select a skill, as someone mentions they are pretty terrible all around unless you happen to not have one that he gives already. selecting "Source skills" will randomize the selection with no Source skill given. On the second encounter let him go. THEN TALK TO HIM A SECOND TIME TO OFFER SOURCE POINT I missed this and had to reload to get the outcome I wanted. On third encounter SAVE BEFORE SPEAKING. Offer blood for ritual, time your attack so that it hits BEFORE he gets his soul jar. He SHOULD turn around and attack you. I was forced to reload as this did not happen first go for me. As others have mentioned. If you hit him before he gets his soul jar he should attack no matter what. Survive first onslaught if you can. I was not able to (Tactician mode) so it took me a couple times. Then, as soon as you are able, attack the soul jar with whatever character you can. He will die instantly. Fight off his minions if needed. As others have said, if you can manage to teleport him AND save the soul jar from getting picked up his minions will not spawn. I was unable to do this AND leave the jar on the alter however. You can still fight him without his minions and with the soul jar in his inventory but he was able to one shot my party so this was NOT an option for me. Hope this helps, position your party well and you should be fine. I run a Summoner, ranger, rouge, and fighter. My rouge can hit with both ranged and melee which helped as I was able to use her to hit the soul jar at range.


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You can no longer kill the xhash if u choose the option 2 dialog (which he will spawn the chest and the jar). The chest is trash, though The only way to get the exp (around 14K) and some good gear is choosing the option 1 and kill him manually. 1. Place your teleporter far away (to the Janna house)" 2. Choose 1 character to speak and choose option 2 on the dialog 3. Before the dialog 'end', teleport him far away from the altar and rush your companion to talk again to 'end' the dialog 4. You can fight him solo (plus 1 parasitic heart he spawn) 5. Use the physical, bcs he has magic resist
Yes you can. I jus did right now. With a ranger. He spawn the chest but before he does i already have the option set to attack him
You need to be deal damage to his health. I used sawtooth immediately after he summoned the chest
if you can start the fight after he summons the chest you can just tp him right after he does and initiate the fight
Right after I gave him blood I hastily clicked the Soul Jar, after that he attacked me destroying his soul jar as collateral. He killed himself lol
jahan helped me defeat the lich, than immediately after he accused me of murder and attacked me.
Bethesda is that you?
I had a glitch that caused the lich to not leave the basement after being freed. I couldnt continue the quest past that point.
The purple button unlocks the chest. The lich will use it himself at the end of the fight if you haven't.
Funny (but useless) tip = At the last stage let him open the vault and after he obtains his Soul Jar, quickly go in stealth mode with any character with Thievery at least at lvl 1 and pickpocket his jar from inventory before he dissapears. :D "The lich retrieved his soul jar and left us his catche." Poor lich, he will never know what happend :D