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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I found a card called 'The Sparkler' on the drunken man Doctor Leste is attending to after he died. You can play that card and win some gold (not sure how much as it didn't say). You may have to play the first round with him and either pay up or talk your way out of it before the drunken man dies and is lootable.
you can also cure the sick man and he will give you the card as a reward. can't use a potion though, either have to use a revive spell or scroll.

100 gold i got there (on the hard difficulty, don't know if there are any differences)
If you mess up and forget to play the sparkler card, just say you don't have any money and talk to him again for another round of cards.
When you play cards with him and use the Sparkler, say you got the Sparkler off a dead guy that stole it from Griff. It ques a fight, you'll get more gold, plus some xp, and the items on the table, one of which is a very useful Identifying glass.
Additionally, you can just say that "the sparkler always wins, it's the rules" and still get the gold without immediately triggering the battle. You can then proceed to strike them first and still get the experience and loot you would from choosing the wrong dialogue option.
If you lose the card game the first time with a character only wearing stolen goods (I think the maximum is three) and no gold, Ralvo will take those goods. When you trigger the fight later (either via dialogue, by hitting them, or repeatedly trying to steal the items on the table) you can reclaim your goods off of Ralvo's body, but now they no longer have the "stolen" tag. It's like money laundering; I "cleaned" Nebora's boots and Pigskin gloves this way.
I should mention he only takes gold and items you are wearing when you lose. Transfer the gold to another character and unequip items you wish to keep. Lose the first game of cards and win the second by playing "The Sparkler."