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you can sneak read Volume two by having multiple party members simultaneously engage in conversation with the masked servants. You make them turn away from the Volume to speak with you and then have once character sneak and read/steal the book.
Try to steal from him while one of your characters talks with him. First time i tried it he only dropped the Mass Explosion book. On the second attempt after stealing and answering the questions he also dropped a bunch of gold as well as a few skill books. (Requires Thievery 3)
OMG Fane's answers are just hilariously mean to a philosopher haha
as the red prince the correct order for him was 3,3,3.
In a hilarious turn of events, I blindly picked the options I thought would be wittiest (finally making use of Beast's Barbarian tag) and won the duel. I recognized the answer to question 3 from The Essence of Existence, but only from reading the article did I notice the book was related to the duel. Or that you'd straight up die from failing. 10/10, favorite quest so far.