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What I'm wondering is if you are undead and use this ..... will poison heal you more? Anybody knowz?
undead heal because they have 200% poison resistance. this would reduce the amount of healing you get from the poison.
I was thinking the same. Anyone know?
Does this work with Flesh Sacrifice (elf ability)?


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When i tested it in gamemaster mode, it gave me normal blood
These skin skills are so useless, even with their bleedings. You are better off drinking an all-resistance potion or a specific one so you dont have any downsides too. If at least you could affect nearby enemies on a small area like some water voidwoken do(you get chilled nearby them) then it would be interesting.
if you have a resistance built up they are not useless. it is how i get healing from my pyro mage with a stack of fire resistance all ready. then combine it with burning and ti heals from fire.
If you're an elf you can use flesh sacrifice to create a specific surface under you for free, which can activate elemental affinity.
Nah, OPs right, they are useless. Not because their effect isn't useful, but the effect isn't worth 1 source point and 2 memory points.