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Accidentally sold my Witch's Eye to Mabel after turning her into a human, before I knew I needed it to help Geraldine too. Can't find Mabel anywhere. Is there any other way to get another Witch's Eye?
for me they transformed both at once consuming both potions - now i noticed (unfortunately a lot later) that the quest didn't close. they're gone from the farm, not in town either - any idea how i could close that quest now?
Does anyone have the exact coordinates for where Geraldine and Mabel are suppose to be after you turn them back into humans and NOT ask for a reward? The page here mentions they're suppose to be next to the town crier, but I can't find either one of them, and can't close my quest.
Not sure what happened to my comment. Posted successfully, showed on page, and then it disappeared after page refresh. I'll try posting this question again:
Can someone provide the exact coordinates for Geraldine and Mabel in Driftwood after you turn them back into humans and they return to town? I changed them back without asking for a reward, and the quest is still open for me, but I can't find them in town. Wiki says they're suppose to be near town crier, but couldn't find them anywhere closeby.
Uhh... I didnt ask for a reward and only got 13.450 xp total for both cows... so whats up?
You need to have only 1 witch potion and then talk to the cows. After receiving the exp, craft the other potion and then receive the exp from the other cow.
I told the cows that I only had one potion so they made me choose who I want to give it to. I made my choice but didnt give either of them a potion because I found out I could make a second one. So i walked away to craft the second potion, came back and gave the cows the potions one by one. They turned back into humans, but the quest didn't close.
Gave them the potions, they both turned back into humans and thanked me... quest didnt close and they arent in the town square. Sounds about right for this game.
Transform the first cow with the potion found in the basement BEFORE brewing the second potion and giving it to the remaining cow. Closed for me with the 26,900XP.
To get 2 x 13.450 you have to give them the potion seperately. It also seems the only way to close the quest.
can some one help i cant craft the 2 potion...
Fed Mable the potion after some dialogue, crafted a second then fed it to Geraldine, quest then closed and gained exp for both, just save before doing it!