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My bro have a bow that everytime he deals damage he gets affected by "Whiplash" that makes him take damage from his attack. Can't know the % btw. i'm going to add it to the list.
its missing Terrified status
Love how there's so many so many abilities and spells give "Immunity to Terrified" but "Terrified" isn't listed
The list is not including 'Potion of Strong Will', which is the most effective tool for 'Scarecrow' fight because it prevents 'terrified' status even when the character doesn't have any magic armor, or the character is a glass cannon. I understand why the list doesn't include potions, but it would be very helpful for players to know that there is a solution for certain fights.
A sleeping status in combat could be removed by many forms of attacking the person who is sleeping.
It would wake them up and clear the sleeping status.

You can check the tool tip of the sleeping icon or examine a character.
Bleeding getting resisted by physical armor makes its piercing aspect mostly moot.
Entangled is so annoying.... Haste should be able to remove that, or idk Burning
Seems that turning the caster for shackles of pain into a chicken removes the shackles
There is a status effect that appears when gaining a source point from purge or stepping on the liquid form, yet i don't see it on the list


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Can status effects stack? 2 different attacks cause bleeding so 2 different bleeds? Burning? Poisoned? If only one of these impacts a foe then having multiple characters that the same effects is overkill.