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What does Witches has to do with Scoundrel and daggers, what were they thinking...
well, witches often have daggers (mostly poisoned ones)... i think its cool :)
you can go ***** yourself *****
you would think that, but i took one to group with my lone wolf conjurer, they are totally bad ***, especially if you give them lone wolf. 10 necromancy means any dmg you do to vitality is a heal of equal proportion. mixed with necromancy which exclusively damages phsyical armor, it is surprisingly a great combo

what is even better is taking huntsman with necromancy. don't even have to get close, maybe drop enough in scoundrel to get cloak and dagger. you can have up to 2 teleports. freaking awesome
This armor on female elf witch class preview (as well as elf wizard) was redesignet after release. Are there any ways to return beta look?
Chloroform makes no sense. Both your abilities and your melee damage is geared towards physical, making a skill to destroy magic armor quite uninteresting


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Picking up a point of hydrosophist on a witch allowed me to get the crafted scoundrel/hydrosophist vampiric hunger skill, and the blood rain skill, which worked well with leech and other necromancy skills and passives. Chloroform was fine for me for inflicting sleeping on low/no magic armor characters and for having an attack I could do from stealth, and to be able to contribute to magic armor attrition. Some characters, like Source Hounds at Fort Joy, have no magic armor at all, and sleeping can take them out of a fight for several turns while other things are dealt with, but their physical armor, health, and damage output are too much for a finesse character to deal with alone.
This combination isn't bad, but is difficult to do correctly. Mosquito Swarm being Intelligence based while Chloroform being Finesse based make a terrible combination on a single character. Not to mention the Magic and Physical damage will not be able to aid one another. I'd recommend having two separate characters with these skill sets rather than being set on a single character. The only Necromancer skills I would get for my Scoundrel combination are Bone Cage, Living on the Edge and Last Rites. After casting Rupture Tendon on your own ally, cast Living on the Edge. Have them cast Shackles of Pain on an enemy and You have one super dead enemy.
Chloroform scales with weapon type. So using an int weapon will make it scale with int making it a perfect combination for this character.
Anyone know a good starting blood mage build?
I think I finally found a way to make this class work. Focusing on finesse and using the ambidextrous talent allows me to dish out good hybrid damage without splitting up my stat allocations. It is versatile but it's also expensive to play and not very viable for earlier stages of the game.