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A preview of “Dark Devotion”, an indie Dark Souls rogue-like RPG on Kickstarter. A game where your faith is tested as you fight and find your way out of a perilous temple you're trapped in.



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Wouldn't this be more of a Salt & Sanctuary-like?
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EldritchImagination wrote:Wouldn't this be more of a Salt & Sanctuary-like?

lets not go TOO crazy here.

its a good game played some of the demo i'm sure it'll get funded.



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It's a little like Salt & Sanctuary, a little like Shrouded in Sanity, and a lot like a Rouge-like. As to be expected of anything trying to fit into the soulsborne genre, it's fairly hard. Combat is solid so far, level design is good, sound and graphics are appealing and fitting, and the story has piqued my interest. I really like the equipment and faith systems. Not being able to go back is an interesting challenge, and the world design is novel and should give lots of replayablity.
This is what I mean by world design. You can only complete one path per tier before you have to move on to the next. You can explore all of them, but once you beat one there is no going back...

The only problems where some bugs. Moving left always had me roll before I could walk normally (which screwed me over A LOT), and the game crashed on me once so far. The controler support needs to be fixed and the in-game menu needs work. That said, this is still a very early demo, and we can reasonably suspect these to be fixed in the future.

All in all, I definitely think this is going to be a good game.
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Looks interesting, have to try the demo they have. Thing I found funny though is the boss or enemy you see at the 1:32 video mark I've seen before, as a gif several months back and not as good looking but yeah kind of neat to have seen probably something early on. I might have the gif saved on my phone still. If so I'll put it up here to show.


Scratch that, just went back to look at the kickstarter and see that the gif is in it. I saw Hezek, the Baptized a few months back, same gif. Cool to see that the boss idea is going to be real.



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Now with video version!


Watch on youtube.com

Looks interesting :)
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