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If you have looted the Band of Braccus from Trompdoy in the vault, you can also teleport someone into the maze from close by the entrance to the illusionist's cave. If you enter the maze you will be spoken to by a gargoyle. If you show him the ring you and your party will be instantly teleported to the end.
I went in the tower because I had the ring, then got the whole maze completed and portals open, but I cannot talk to the gargoyle, so I basically get no 'end' reward for some reason...
Playing it multiplayer, only one person (+plus a companion) got transported in upon showing the band to the gargoyle - I'm not sure if it is a bug or not....
basically you can impersonate braccus rex or get the end rewards. not worth it imo
There is a true reward of an epic item at the end if done right.
First, stand ont he first piece and get the orb..
Then, go left and get the orb from the second room.. Go back, unlock the room that was initially to your right. Teleport/cloak and dagger/retreat to the foot trigger on the second level near that room. Grab that skull now. If the gargoyle says "the master would be impressed" youre on the right track.
Finally, go as south as you can where the second orb was, and leave through that door.The door gargoyle near a source puddle should congratulate.
You can skip the entire maze by using the teleport skill to port yourself over the unreachable part of the beach, to the right of the illusion cave entrance (north east of the sanctuary). Then you climb the second vines to the right, walk around the tower to it's entrance and done, you get the rewards and can enter the tower without going through the maze.
Did this and got called a cheater, a sneak, and told "clever will only get you so far." I searched the patch notes and saw nothing regarding the gargoyle maze being patched, but I'm on the current version as of 10/8/17 and it certainly didn't end in loot. However, I did enter the maze from the front beforehand, which may have had an effect.
How do you unlock the door inside the tower?
If you don't have wings for the third step summon the cat familiar and swap places with him!
Using tactical retreat/cloak and dagger also work as well.
a little tip for all that couldnt find blood rain. Strip a char of his armor and let another hit him in frond of the stonetable where the historian burns. Teleport the historian on the blood and bless it
I showed the gargolye my Band of Braccus, collected the two skulls near the tower (jimfred and the one behind the tower. Then I spoke to the statue of Braccus Rex to the left of the tower stairs, got mouthy (third option I think?) And he sent me back to the beginning where I could go through as normal. Don't know if I can still get the best reward item yet.
I only used 1 skull, but collected all 6. When I got to the final gargoyle, he actually denied me a reward, calling me a cheater. Use those skulls if you want the reward.
how da fat are we supposed to know that its blood rain and bless?


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Reading the wiki apparently.
Gargoyle said something like 'riddle me thid: how would braccus Rex douse these flames?' pretty obvious he hints toward blood rain.