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After years of waiting, longing, pleading for a new Sci-Fi master piece, Mass Effect Andromeda proved to be a controversial game, criticized for its lackluster side quests, poor facial animations and lack of support for multiple languages. To kick off E3 2017, BioWare revealed their new project, an open world MMO type Sci-Fi video game called Anthem. With EA now putting BioWare Montreal on Hold, BioWare now needs a AAA game more than ever to prove itself. The question is, will Anthem do the job? Will Anthem Be The New Mass Effect Series? The launch trailer shows that the details in Anthem are impressive, if not phenomenal. There are ...
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flop incoming! duck and cover!



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I think it is to early to say it is going to be a flop, if I'm not wrong the team working on this is made primarily of the people who made the original three Mass Effect games so it has potential, the only worrying factor is that the two games similar that have come out like it haven't done well, those two being Destiny and The Division. After having my hands on the beta for some time now though, I will say I think Anthem has more potential then Destiny 2 does.