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I like how this works in DS3 more, where if you’re invaded a blue phantom is very likely to be summoned. In DS1 it operates in such a way that any effects are unnoticeable.
It is just a way of mitigating the pvp aspect of the game.
Glad to know this now, I had recently gotten DS Remastered and started off as a knight, Way of White seemed interesting due to the numerous mentions of it in DS3, but I enjoy the PVP aspects, and was worried there were just not enough players online. Glad I read up on it here.
Honestly I'm a bit disappointed that this covenant doesn't even give you any kind of miracle boost. It has no PvE qualities and its pretty sad.
i like to play under protection of this covenant
Is there a way to make the 2 bodyguards unhostile if I’ve killed the leader?
rip Way of White. It is Way of the Deep now
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