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I need opinions on this build I've chalked up. I've been playing Ds2 off and on for a couple months now, but never actually beating it, though I am close and just cleaning up stuff before going to the end. So I know some stuff about the game, but not a lot. Anyways, here's the build that I currently have:

lv. 150
Vigor: 21
Endurance: 20
Vitality: 20
Attunement: 20
Strength: 40
Dexterity: 40
Adaptability: 14
Intelligence: 8
Faith: 20

Rings: Ring of blades, chloranthy, sorcery clutch, Flynn's

Right hand: Ivory King Ultra Greatsword
Left hand: Priest's Chime

Miracles: Sacred Oath

Armor: Leydia's white hood, Leydia's white robe, engraved gauntlets, Lucatiel's trousers

I guess I was going for a PvP type build XD The main thing here is two-handing the greatsword, no Idea if the Sorcery Clutch ring
boosts the damage of it, so it's just there for now. I think everything is self explanatory. The armor is pretty much fashion souls besides being lightweight and for the gauntlets.

Thanks for any thoughts and opinions!


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If you are thinking of doing pvp in the arena there is no point in limiting yourself because there is no matching mechanism other then play through.
So you are most likely going to come across lvl250+ and even lvl500s.

I recommend a fifty vigor for the arena. period.

As for Flynns ring I can't see it working its magic with more then an 11 in vitality. I know the lightning clutch ring shines with a 40-50 faith. Not sure about the dark clutch though. I haven't much experience with dark builds (other then having good dark defence!)
but I hope this helps and good luck on your travels my fellow undead!