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Probably one of the worst perks in this game after being one of the best in the original for ranged characters. Battle encounters are hand crafted and virtually all of them have multiple enemies that spam stun effects. AI is programmed to know that your characters have this perk and will immediately target them with stuns. Most encounters with 4 enemies or more will simply result in them stun-locking these characters making this perk almost completely useless. It's best used by a cleric or ranger that wants to stay as far away from the enemy as possible. However, with virtually every class having insane mobility skills in this game, they will ignore your team and teleport to your glass cannons just to stun them.

Don't get this talent on more than one character or you will regret it.
Weird, because currently, this is one of, if not the best talent in the game right now. After the AI and enemy rebalance patch, the best way to win encounters is to take out as many enemies turn 1 as possible. This involves every character stacking wits and taking adrenaline. Elves are also very good right now due to their racial ability. Almost every relevant encounter has enemies that can take out all your armor/magic resist turn one and still CC you. This will be even more prevalent in tactician difficulty. If you ever want to beat this game on tactician, I suggest you learn to properly space your characters out so they're not all getting hit with CC.

I have this talent on 3/4 of my party (Rogue, Rogue, Wizard) and I steamroll every encounter I come across because most of the enemies are dead turn 1. Also, contrary to what the above poster wrote, please never put this talent on a healer. Use your brain; the person responsible of removing CC should not be fully susceptible to it.
hello anon2, your argument "just kill them all on turn 1 so they don't kill you" isn't exactly convincing, or looks fun to be honest.
It doesn't seem to me like you're using this talent properly. It works best when paired with classes that have a lot of mobility, to both get in AND out, and IMO it should be paired with other talents like Stench that make you less of a target, or some sort of invis or status immunity skill. Although a bit more rare, there is equipment in the game that confers immunity to certain status effects like Stun or Knockdown. While the AI does know that you have the perk, you also have the ability to know what the AI has as a baseline (Right click -> examine).

git gud
A trick to use it is to stack up on status removal skills and scrolls, and of course, actually, make sure that a glass canon has high initiative (you'll need at least someone with high ini to initiate fights on turn 1)

That said, the skill is pretty ballanced: with it, you get mere 2 extra AP per turn, but without it, other characters don't have to babysit glass canon and may focus on their own business instead.
i think it would be worhtwhile if it halvened(or quartered) both armor instead of removing status blocking
How DARE the AI use examine character on your characters!
>is to take out as many enemies turn 1 as possible
Nice low difficulty stories bro. On tactical, enemies almost always will have double of your chars armor, not to mention good chunk of encounters is started when you being ambushed from all sides. So yeah this skill is pretty much useless, unless you playing for 10+ times and memorized every one and each encounter.
@"Nice low difficulty stories bro" I have to disagree. When properly built, even in Tactician characters can easily CC enemies on turn 1. You don't need to memorize every encounter - just have a good knowledge of the game and use every advantage at your disposal. We're on our 2nd playthrough with a friend, with a mod that forces enemies to be at least 1 level above our own. We just went through Nameless Isle, and we haven't encountered a single enemy we could not CC turn 1. We're considering taking Glass Cannon on 3 if not on all of our characters seeing enemies almost never have the opportunity to act anyway. (And we'd probably up the difficulty to 2 levels above our own to make it even more interesting). All of that to say: this talent can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on your build and your mileage. Blanket statements like "it sucks" or "it's OP" are meaningless. Just look at how fights generally go for you and decide based on that. If you can't consistently CC the enemies so that they don't get to act, or if you can't jump in, dish out, and jump out, then obviously you should likely not consider this talent. But that has nothing to do with base game difficulty.
This talent is also strangely great for tanking and perhaps the only reliable way to draw aggro away from your other squishy characters. Tanks don't normally do much other than stay alive anyway and vitality is very strong so staying alive isn't terribly difficult. You just have to make sure to manipulate the initiative such that a healer acts right before the tanks' turn so they can remove the CC and the tank gets a turn at least once in a while.
Amazing tank talent. This will draw aggro onto your tank and cause his perseverance to proc all the time
Pushover punchbag tank, very immersive concept! Or you got first turn wonder killer (or quickload hero in case something accidently goes wrong), also a fascinating theme. So I get more actions at the cost of not being able to take any without very particular tactics. I dislike the design of crowd control in general in this game, to be frank. I reckon having 50% more actions could be balanced with taking 25% more damage? Then again, that if anything would have the AI swarming your character and I'd suppose it would become even more feasible to have a team of class cannons burst down everything. Good thing I don't make games cause I don't have a solution only concern.
i use this for my ranged guy lol
Nice talent, but only if a hero with Glass Cannon got high Initiative and he starts the battle... else, enemies will focus this character a lot with annoying skills.