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Use bonfire ascetics to farm bonfire ascetics?
After trying every other strategy online and having them fail me I eventually found one that worked for me. Bonfire, human, summon both NPCs, run through level until falling off of last ledge which leads to the fog gate and wait to recuperate and allow the NPCs to catch up. Then fight the 3 humanoid enemies and the sandworm. Go to fog door, heal if necessary and enter. Allow things to happen and evade until heavy armor ****** is preoccupied and then use a fast weapon to do backstabs or attack, always leave enough stamina to roll or run away and take a breath, also not allowing him to switch focus. If he does then run past your allies and then away after he refocuses and then keep going. Kill him first. Then hopefully you have at least one ally left at this point and kill the dual wielding knight. Take it slow. Run away to heal if you get to half of hp. Then use magic or arrows on the the third guy.
What is with that giant statue thing right by the boss gate that spews poison? Can it be destroyed?
God this was the absolute WORST