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Bungie has revealed at long last, official gameplay of Destiny 2, via livestream. Check it out below and read on for a recap: What follows will be a running recap of everything they have revealed for the upcoming sequel to their blockbuster shared world FPS/RPG. Be mindful of story spoilers. Destiny 2 will be available on PC! PvP will be 4v4 for smaller team formats to create a sense of mastery New public events, strikes, and raids, naturally. Raids, trials and nightfalls will be available to all players, not just those with fireteams Some new cinematics shed some light on the game's backstory, complete with cinematic opening ...
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dont know anything bout destiny but people i interact with are hype for it. given the release date and the lack of games being the slated for that time period, this game has high potential of being a hit. will refrain from bashing til i play beta.
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Wait, they're releasing Destiny 2 on PC via Battlenet? Well, as I recall, Activision and Blizzard are a part of the same corporation, so that actually makes sense. I wonder if we're starting to see a PC divide for storefronts, with a lot of the big publishers separating from steam.
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Ok is it only me or did i saw the traveler pieces in european dead zone?
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