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I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Warhorse Studios' Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, PR Manager and Martin Ziegler, Technical Designer to talk about their upcoming game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a historical, open world RPG with a heavy focus on realism and player choice. We have had several opportunities to experience the game first hand and have always come away highly intrigued with the game's potential. FL: How is the game development progressing and when do you anticipate releasing? Tobi: You start with the trickiest question! Well actually where we are at right now is the game is doing pretty well. And I mean it ...
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This game is starting to sound like classic Elder Scrolls, only with a focus on realism instead of being fantasy. Which is great, I've missed RPGs with social consequences to the player's actions, unlike in Skyrim where you can get away with basically everything. It's also cool to hear they have an actual historian on staff, though the bit about making harder doors distinctive to the point that they're clearly visible for what they are kind of worries me a bit. Couldn't they have just made the lock more clearly high quality? It could be immersion-breaking if the rest of the game goes for authenticity and suddenly you see a big steel door on an otherwise normal house.



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When I read them talking about the doors visibly showing the quality of the lock, I thought of a few ways other games do it, and how KC:D could handle it.

First is simply a HUD showing "easy" "hard" etc, like how Skyrim and Fallout handle it. I don't know how minimalist their UI is, so I'm not sure how likely this is.

Second would be showing the door with slight upgrades. A basic door would be wood, with wooden hinges exposed on the outside. Next up would hide the hinge inside, and have wooden braces holding the door. Next would upgrade the braces to metal, and maybe the area around the handle would have decorative metal bits.

You'd only see the really good doors in castles, keeps, or rich people houses, because that's who could afford the materials at the time. The poor would have a simple wood door with no adornments.

The historian bit made me laugh, cuz I'm the kind of person who would get irritated at the shack with a metal door, when it's likely to have been a simple wooden door.

Lock mechanisms were really expensive in the middle ages, because it was very difficult to manufacture the springs and teeth inside the mechanism. That's not including the price of iron, either, and I believe most steel would be designated for weapons and armor, not locks.