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What a great sword!
Aw, All I have is a good one!
Used my only remaining Slab to make it +15 and never looked back. Running 2-handed 90% of the time. Love the thrusting moveset. Once you start pommeling foes into the ground and single-sweeping through packs of enemies its hard to go back to lesser tools. But where this particular sword really shines - are long reaching powerful thrusts. This will outright stagger and kill larger foes in 2-3 solid hits. It takes some practice to time your thrusts right. Target locked side-roll + quick thrust move is devastating in PvE. Only time had to switch was on Gwyn, the weapon is way too slow for him. Stabbed him to death with my trusty Halberd on a first try though.
Everybody mentioning Berserk but not the fact that this thing is actually a giant roman gladius
I mean it look much more like guts golden age sword than a roman gladius.
This sword is really good if you’re being teamed up on. It’s also amazing for catching backstab fishers. 10/10 would recommend.
Put the great sword in the right hand and a parry dagger in the left. You can easily kill people in two or three hits. It might not have the range of the zweihander. But if you be a little more careful that’s not a big problem. And of course it’s good for catching backstab fishers which is THE meta.
This or Zweihander? Going for a high poise/high damage build. Planning on some Black Iron/Havel armor and a greatshield. But I’m stuck between these weapons.
If you prefer flinging your enemies with an epic thrust attack, then choose this one. If you like to slam down your enemies then use the zweihander.
Thanks, I decided that I’m gonna main this. But until I have the sufficient stats to support my ideal build, I’m gonna make due with the Zweihander, which is also pretty awesome.
is this longer than the zweihander?
Zweihander is just a bit longer.



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Pretty comparable to the Zweihander. Unfortunately, the higher strength requirement makes it generally less applicable than the Zwei.
Whomever wrote this article has an unhealthy obsession with the word "surprisingly".