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these *****ing things are annoying as *****. I can't kill them at all because i always die to the lat one and he survives with barely any health
Lol same, and I only tried to beat them this morning :p
I can beat these bastards, but by the time I'm through with em, I'm out of estus for the boss. Even worse with a +1 bonfire...irritates my soul ewwwwww
Thats why they made Dark Souls II easier... you can still kill them 12 times or so and they wont respawn lol xD
their weapons and armour r unobtainable god dammit! :(
don't they wear some kind of degraded bandit set?
Anyone who's having trouble with these guys: just creep very slowly into the area where they hang out until you see one aggro, then pull back. Back away from their first attack, roll through their second attack, then circle around them during their third attack and backstab them. I can easily get through all of them without getting hit once using this tactic.
what hurts him the most and what doesnt is all i want to know please.