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Insignificant spell damage
Who the ***** wrote this wiki?
Idk but in his defense, 7% IS insigneficant. Unless it stacks with the dark clutch which I think it does.
That person may have meant that, for example, the +5 INT or +5 Faith rings would be better choices. It depends too much on the character's level, their stats, and which spells they use though so I don't know why such a half assed comment was even included. Anyone able reach this point in the game clearly doesn't need help deciding which rings to use.
Try it with a +5 sunset staff and with climax
Should be noted that casting with the abyss seal equipped drains a small amount of HP per cast. Tested with dark orbs
Did....did you read the ring and/or the page?
Kinda worth noting the Denial spell does NOT save you from damage caused by this ring. (Tested on PS4 SotFS)