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Space is a daunting but tantalizing frontier for gaming. Perhaps you have played the spacefaring MMO EVE before, and were fascinated by its grand scale space battles and all varieties of ships/weapons etc. Or you've loved exploring a large sandbox universe, like Freelancer or Spore. Maybe you just like to build your own spaceships and enjoy the breathtaking view of final frontiers, like Kerbal Space Program. But often these games develop singular elements. Now imagine a game has all those fascinating elements, plus a top grade Sci-fi FPS experience like Star Wars: Battlefront. Sound too good to be true? Star Citizen is the game ...
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This is basically a game made of demos at this point, with almost no promise of ever being released on time. It's a great concept, and a great example of feature creep.

If it does, finally, release, it has amazing potential.


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Whew, the amount of ambition here is staggering. And also, kind of concerning. They're trying to make several games' worth of content in one game, and if they skimp in any one area it'll affect the end value of all the other parts. It isn't just a "space game", it's a space flight simulator game, space marine combat game, planet exploration, and even wants to have a world economy. If the spaceships are bad (designwise, combat, or piloting), it affects travel to other planets, pvp, and by extension the space marine parts. If space marine combat is bad, it affects ship-to-ship PvP (specifically boarding), and may affect planetary exploration. If the planets are boring and samey, there'll be no real incentive to explore more than just one or two, which affects the inter-world economies, travel between planets, and to a degree anything involving ship use. If the economy is poorly designed, It affects all of the above but namely travel to and exploration of planets if there's little to gain from scouring one or trading with the inhabitants.

That said, if they can make all the individual pieces work well together, we'd finally be looking at the One True Space Game. It'll be **** hard, though. I almost wonder if they'd be better off making five separate games at first, then later combining them into a single game when they have everything working correctly.


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I have two hats that I wear when talking about Star Citizen.

My fan boy hat, in which I'm jumping up and down in gleeful anticipation...

And my cynical game dev hat, in which I look at the feature list, raise an eyebrow, and say "Oh reeeeeeallllly? I'll believe it when I see it."

l really, really hope this game comes out in a decent shap. In theory we might get Squadron 42 this year, though with no release date yet it's not looking good. FWI, I have bought into the game, so I can do reviews on it if there's interest from the admins/community. It'd give me a reason to dust off my Saitek at least :)
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