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Does this shield work well for... JOLLY COOPERATION!?
not really...
Yeah sorry but no, it really doesn't work well at all...
Special garbage shield paid with 10 Sunlight Medals. Look at that damage reduction and shield stability. Just WHY.
Yeah more a vanity/lore/cosplay item for the hardcore sunbros, but at the very least it should have 100% physical... The sword is trash too, overpowered by Heide sword for the thrusting moveset and by a standard longsword for infusions... The only good covenant item is the miracle
So gorssly incandescent.
Might be terrible but I'd still use it because Solaire
I'm playing SOTFS on PC. My nickname is King_Havel. SL 41 (16 million souls). Please reach me out if you need to farm sunlight medals or help me getting some for myself. Cheers!



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Is anyone interested do some Sunbro Co-op? I play on both PC (SOTFS) and on PS3 (Vanilla). I have several characters in different levels, from low ones till 17 million soul memory. My nick on PC is: King_Havel And on PS3 is: Dastiefeleid666 Praise the Sun! \o/
I have X-Box, or i have sunbro co-oped with you gladly
The lightning infusion is listed under fire damage, I believe.