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I have a feeling that Ledo was a human allowed among the silver knights due to his incredible strength and affiliation with Havel. It would make sense as the havel knights were also humans serving the gods but he excelled and became a silver knight. As for why hes in the dlc, I believe he's serving the only true god left as anor londo fell along with gwyndolin
Lol no.
no. he was of Gwyns race. A smaller giant. Artorias, Ornstein size.



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It seems he does not use estus. I killed him first try with only half health and 2 estus left, just by spamming Wolf Knight GS weapon art and kiting, when I backed off recovering the stamina he only chases with normal speed and never used any healing even when his health has been chipped under 1/3. I think this is a good information but it needs further testing.


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If you aren't embered he's also invades and you can't use a ember.
What's the difference between the Ledo in NG and the one in NG+? I was already on NG+ so never saw the NG Ledo
idk it happens to me too i never got invaded in this dlc even alva. Maybe the reason is because its not ng or maybe there is something in the actual game that triggers that events
i have killed soul of cinder before i start the dlc (ng+5) this might be the reason too
cant get this dude to spawn, actually i never got invaded in the dlc even though i was always embered, also im a cracked game user so i cant use dried fingers. any tips? the church boss and midir both are alive, ive reset the game, nothing triggers the spawn of any invading npc
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I bought game and have same problem
Maybe if you didn't pirate the game.
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I got through the halflight fight before finding him and he still invaded. I did kneel at the statue but I didn't pay the souls to reset halflight before I got the invasion.
Same. Went to go get Havels ring and he invaded still.
I'm fairly certain that Midir counts as the boss for his invasions
17448 souls in new game + +
i assume its the same every new game
Nope, amount increases all the way up to Ng+7
Halflight Spear is dead and this guy still invaded me.

This dude can parry you completely out of the blue. I Perseverance w/ BKS and charge L2 as he spawns and he switches to his shield, parries me, switches back to 2h and combos me.
I love this invader and I'm kinda of sad that he wore regular sliver knight armor because I've recently seen what they wanted his armor to look like and it looked so badass.
It was like a hybrid of the sliver knight and the millwood knight set
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Twice in the last 10 minutes. His name was Silver Knight Ledo. That's why I'm here.