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That's suppose to happen, he falls down to the arena where you do the real fight against him.
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happens so far only once so I suppose a glitch in the ai, but he once did a 180° to perform an insta tail swipe.
ste midir :v
Deacons of the deep were way harder
Lol, he is ~5 times harder, that ANY non-DLC boss, and among DLC bosses, only Sister Freide is somewhat comparable (though still much easier).
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Which total explains why you took the time to get this far in the game and fight the boss enough to for that opinion.
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wasnt that hard because his body language is easy to read,but do keep in mind that dont let u guard down just because of that, you can be one shot at any point because his
insane damge
Yo, problem with this boss? Just use Artorias gs and throw a wa r2 as much as you can and done.
So, the first time I fought midir, I spent at least 20 embers or so before defeating him. When I finally did defeat him, I snatched the Frayed Blade and felt good about myself. I then got into NG+2 and forgot to fight him, jumping to NG+3. Then, as we meet again at NG+3, I was able to defeat him after 3 tries. I was using the Black Iron Greatshield to defend myself against his fire breathing attacks, and the Wolf Knight greatsword to dish out the damage.

I continually attacked his head, dealing around 500 damage per swing. When I first fought him, I didn't care about hitting the head, instead attacking his legs. I was also pretty lucky, not getting disintegrated by his "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR" attack. Am I good, has Midir become old and weak, did I fight him the proper way, or were I just plain lucky?