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added AR softcaps and Scaling information
it appears that the weapon art works at 0 FP
With most weapons, you can still use the weapon art with 0 fp, but you lose the bonus
At zero fp it takes a lot more stamina to execute
I wield this, and executioner's greatsword and it's awesome.
The WA is so cool but its just so easy to read
not when your being hard to read just dont be predictable
should have played more around with the L1. Farron GS and the double weapons show that there is much potencial in that. That it can give a weapon an unique feeling. Lot of missed potencial in the gs weapons.
The Gaelquisition!
One of, if not THE, greatsword ez mode. I think everyone knows why? On a side note: that REACH! Jesus christ, that reach. It's SO deceptively LONG.
Had this been nerfed? I'm getting 304 AR when two-handed with STR:30 DEX:13