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Anyone wanna help me in spear of church? 1 player SL 350
Jesus christ, you're SL350 and you can't beat Halflight?
Little guide: the spears are meant to give us some space to buff ourselfs or part a group for example. They have to be used as often as possible but also as smart as possible. Have always an eye on the item until you know without looking when they have to be ready again. The "homing missiles" over our heads are best synchronized with our attacks. Get aggressive if they are ready. Be more cautious if they need to respawn. Make use of the pillars! Hunter charm is a huge help in this fight especially if you deal with multiple people. They play way more cautious if they cannot heal themselfs. Giving us the momentum back. Having regen items equipped (ring, shield) or a healing spell can make a huge difference. You can literally see how the hosts will to fight is crumbling when you heal yourself. Evil? Maybe. But they try everything to bring you down, so as a boss it is our duty to return the favor. Last but not least the 2 church guardians are mostly just cannon fodder but if the first one survives the start he can heal you and thanks to their aggressivness and titan poise they make surpringsingly good coop buddies. So keep an eye on them is strongly recommended. If you want action non stop best SL is 100 to 130 with max upgraded weapons from my experience. Have fun!
I’ve been chasing people around the arena with my Farron UGS, it’s the funniest **** ever.
Red halberd with poise and more granted poise. Killed 35. More tomorrow.
I see quite a bit of Spears action at SL90, massively more than my SL130 character. There's a big drop in action for my SL80 character, but I still see enough to make wearing the covenant worthwhile between invasions. I'd guess SL90-110 is the golden range, since the meta is essentially dead now.
I wear this at all times so I can give other players an easy fight. Please, backstab me while I praise the sun, and continue playing the PvE part of the game that is all many of us care about. :)
cuck souls
I know this is just a bait post, but I don't PvP and I still hate it when people do this. It's a boss fight and I try to treat it that way.
i was preparing to fall in the hole to fight midir then got a message saying invading world as spear of church or something. i never fought the spear of the church boss before and killed the host without knowing what exactly i was doing. weird
This covenant is trash
Love this covedent What better way for a darksouls fan, to be beat one of the hardest bosses in the game to become a boss in the game
Get summoned It's a host and their three phantoms Drag the fight on for as long as possible Waste as much of their estus and FP as possible Get until you're almost dead Pull out the Wifi They have to fight halflight at his full health, plus all the time you wasted. " It's part of the experience "
4 people against Halflight is a joke. If even one of them needs to use a single estus for that then you should have been able to beat them yourself.
What the ***** is with all the Chaos Dagger and Dexfag accusations?? Grow tf up, this isn’t iFunny. Also, this really is a bad covenant because it relies completely on the players’ willingness to fight. I’ve had a few bouts were they just straight up chose not to fight and it *****ing pisses me off
And yes, I mean the Host and phantoms chose not to fight. This happened several times, and a few times all they did was collapse or praise the sun
All the covenants are PvP based, and all of them rely on your opponent being willing to actually do something. If anything this covenant is way better at forcing people to put up a fight, since they're trapped in a room with you where they can't just roll spam until a summon sign shows up.
the most fun covenant but also the covenant with the worst rewards
the extra fun, is a reward in itself
This covenant can frustrate people who approach it like a duel or invasion, but it's a lot of fun once you treat it as a different style of play. Free aim the spear fragments towards pillars/walls to make long chains to isolate phantoms for a kill or create space so you can buff/heal, attack anyone who is going after the guardians to keep them alive as distractions and for their healing miracles, and treat the homing knives as stunlock windows you can capitalize on with a distracted phantom. Also as the phantom number adds up your player buffs go ballistic - eventually you can have hyperarmor with a friggin' dagger. When the phantom number is high take advantage of their overconfidence and your massive poise and focus on killing whoever is the weakest link. You don't lose your buffs when they lose a phantom, so the second you cut their numbers you've tipped the scales massively. Kill two phantoms in a 4v1 and the match is essentially over.