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Hi I'm seeking for this armor set,
If anyone has one he's willing to trade, let me know what oyu want for it !
nb : I don't have dlcs so can't farm it myself.
Xbox, playstation or pc?
Such a cool set. Too bad it's used by almost everyone.
lol i guess you wanted it for yourself?!
Well it does look kinda badass.
I've been playing for over 80 hours now and the first time I've seen it is in the ringed city on the enemies. So I wouldn't say everyone wears it.
Anybody on steam/pc want a set?
I have one extra set
ign gunxt
Yes please! I'm my steam name is "totally legit bopplesnoot".
Sorry everyone i already give 2 of them to people that already add me through this post
Go out and kill a few mobs. It's for your own good, you know.
Anyone have a spare set they can give/trade for on PC?
Fashion souls meets actually decent stats :O
got the leggings the first knight I encountered. Haven't gotten any other pieces since :'(
Been getting nothing but gloves... :<
hey, wanna trade? I have every part except for the gauntlets. looks like were opposite. Im on pc
Grinded for 3 hours. titanite chunks, embers and goddamned titanite scales dropped for me but not even a single piece of armor. Not one.
I dropped an armour first time i saw the ringed knight guy
All I need is pants and I keep getting chunks for the last hour ; _ ;
And this is why luck is important people.^_^