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It looks like a slightly modified Iron Dragonslayer Set with a cape and a hood.
Or not
It looks like a highly modified knight of katarina armor.
The new F***boy armor. Co-op with a girl with slave knight armor and you’re good to go.
Best *****ing set in the game, love it.
if you lack fantasy to combine sets then maybe yes. hood and legs are rather "special". A knight does not wear a hood and the legs are a bit skinny. breast piece is too iconic for it's own good too. hood and arms are the interesting parts for me I found some use but the rest is only good, works asteticaly in the set itself really.
To anonymous replier: Wow, you should definitely not write any more words on the internet in any combination again. It's just not for you.
so far I've looted 7 armors, 4 leggings and 2 hoods. 0 gauntlets.
at 425 item discovery (Symbol of Avarice, Covetus Gold Serpent Ring +3, Crystal Sage Rapier in off hand and Rusted Coin)
lol opposite for me 1 hood, 3 armor, 9 legs, 17 guantlets
give me 1 leggings and 1 armor for 18 embers
Am I the only one who noticed that the chest piece looks like the Dark Sign?
Nope, don't see it.
I think that's the point
It IS the dark sign. Gwyn did it to seal the abyss it was made from. It’s called item discriptions
Roll up on the Soul of Cinder wearing this armor + the Firelink Helm, show him who the real champion is.
Getting the asshats back for trying to hold back mankind!
"It's recommended to use a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring or any of the item discorvery boosting gear when farming for armor peices, as they appear to have a low drop rate"... I can explain it better: You better have more than 100h to farm for 1 armor piece because in that time you will only get one armor piece. The next armor piece will likely drop in the next 200h.
My brother got them all in 5 minutes.
I got two pieces from the first two I ever killed. Doesn't seem that rare to me.
Lel, killed 2 first knights I saw, got 3 pices. Low drop rates my arse
Looks pretty cool, except for the horns on the shoulders imho.
Got two pieces on my first Ringed Knight kill "Low drop rate" LMAO
salty downvotes lol
Got all four when killed a spear knight
You lucky bastard XD