Discuss Nier as well as the comments posted to our Nier Automata Wiki


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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Level 4 = Nier?
That's what I was thinking.
hoo, i wonder
I find it funny that this one mentions the father from Gestalt while the virtuous version mentions the brother from Replicant.
Because this one isn't as cool as the other one.
Funny how both Gestalt and Replicant are canon but it'd be pretty odd for somebody to have played both. Damn Yoko Taro and his complicated continuity!
It's weird, but there's plenty of room to just pick whether you prefer the father or brother.
Thanks for wasting an hour of my time. You can only get this with 9S.
do you know the meaning of locked? it means only 9s can do it lol
Note: the weapon is worshipped by machines, so be careful, as they WILL attack you after taking it