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Is it crafting or junk to sell?



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You can sell it for a lot of gold, I can't recall but I think it is needed for some weapon upgrades or perhaps a quest. I would save a few.
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junk to sell (10-15k i think)
Leave until later in the game when they're worth about twice as much (22k or so)
Route A is 10K(about). Route B is 15K(about). Route C is 22.5k. By the time I got to Route C I had over 1M worth of Machine Cores.
They are also dropped by the spidertank and worm made up of machine parts that you encounter before the fight with eve
SPOILER ALERT: The more you learn about the machines and their core, the more it´s worth... And in the playthrough where you learn it´s secret, it is worth the most... brilliant!