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Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 have released a new combat cinematic trailer of The Surge, their upcoming dystopic Action RPG. Check it out: The trailer gives a tongue in cheek look at corporate wellness trends that profess to care for the health of their employees, both body in mind, in this case the evil climate killing corp CREO. Meanwhile on the ground level, we see main protagonist Warren battling it out with a series of deranged former coworkers and machines, all of them decked out in the game's signature mech armor. We get to see some of the visceral weapon ...
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Lookin' good so far. My main problems with Lords of the Fallen (The game these guys did before) were that the story was meh, and there were like 5 basic enemies that you fought for the entire game. I've already seen a good amount of enemy variety from the trailers alone, so I'm feeling confident in that department.
Story-wise, they've got a good setup with the corporate/climate conflict with whatever-went-wrong mixed in. Hopefully they don't waste it.