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I took the abyssal stone, but the prison of Edwin not remove ! Need help !
when you v killed the priestess , you shall qpeal with edwin before removin the stone. You can choose to remove edwin's pendant ( what i v done , it turns him into a monster , defeat him then remove the stone and u can finish the quest by his wife. if u did not touch edwin 's pendantmy guess is u may save him but i did not try.
If you talk to Edwin while still imprisoned, you can take his amulet which will kill him and summon a demon. If you kill the demon, you can still finish the quest. If, instead, you pick up the abyssal stone, Edwin will be freed and you can see Indra for the quest completion.
As the title sayes
you need to search with the thieve to discover it on the table
Even after removing the abyssal statue, he said he is free but the Green circle still there.
After talking to Sherm, I was not attacked by the cultists. Am I doing something wrong?