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like the gameplay hate the progression system no better gear just cosmetics so lame
Balance Mr Call of Duty balance, the best part of this is that it only unlocks cosmetics.
Wtf. Progression that unlocks gear is exatly why i dont play modern shooters. If i want to play a Sniper from the beginning just let me and dont force me to use a machin gun becos its the only weapon at start.
you're lame
den dont play....
If you do better gear for progression the game will quickly turn into Pay to win and I'm a higher level than you so you're screwed type of game
It's called balance
Let your skill do the talking, not your gear.
wtf how is this lame, it's a fps moba and u want upgrades when you level wtf?
Personally, I consider the level playing field for all characters' loadouts and abilities to be a great feature. It means that each loadout comes as an easily identifiable and balanced system. When you see a Genji, no matter what skin they have, you know that he's vulnerable to beam weapons and you adapt accordingly. Imagine what it'd be like to face a Roadhog and having to wonder whether he's rocking a scrap gun, or a howitzer, or having to face off against a soldier who can switch out between a belt fed machinegun, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. It'd outright break the game and make it MUCH harder to learn how to play co-operatively for newer players who are unlikely to co-ordinate through voice comms.
Level playing field FTW.
So I just got a portrait level I guess but I'm not sure what that means and it's the first time I've noticed it. Anybody know what that means?
Around the character portrait, there is a border. This border changes based on which level you are at. Certain levels include a change in the border. Your border just changed and became more detailed.
It just means every 10 levels you will get a line next to your picture when you start a match and you are in the select hero screen
How do you get those detailed borders because I’m over level 300 and I don’t have it
The whole Lootbox progression is just to make you more suspectible to buy the boxes till you get what you want. You will not be able to get every item without spending money, and knowing that if maybe you buy just those 2 more, youll get that skin you wanted. Give us progression rewards based upon who we play and what we do. Dont throw me 4 sprays for Mei when I never play that character.
Why can't you get every item? Infinite levels with a cap of needing 22,000 exp for those levels implies to me that you can get everything. What am I missing?
They not only give you items / skins by chance through progression. But by just being patient they also reward you with credit points in loot boxes AND credits for duplicates which after some period of saving allows you to purchase something by CHOICE. And maybe you don't play Mei now but down the line you'll have all those nice perks for when you do or just maybe getting that new skin gave you a little incentive to take her for a spin. :)
Why? Its not that you have a advantage if you have a spray or something... You dont have to buy anything... thats just a stupid answer... if you get for random characters then you have less chance to get something legendary... And what do you want if you get all the drops from a character that they keep giving you cash? You need to think about it, they are still a company they want money so its normal that it is this way
I don't really know what to say but the system seems pretty fair to me as just by leveling up i got legendaries and other goodies and you can get a level a day if you have a group.
I level up way more than 1 lvl in a day without a group :/
"You get bonus XP for all medal per match" should say "one medal per match"
>23+ = 22000
It's logic, Sombra, not in history but in Blizzard studios are Skycoder, the main dev of Overwatch.
you get more xp if you get play of the game
Does the xp needed for progression change after you get your first star?
Yes, its 20k every level after your first star.
Correction my List needed to be changed, after latest patch ist really that you Need onwards Level 20+ 20k exp for Level up, and recieve 1 Lootbox as reward, i'll Change that.^^
Yes Kind of, after when you reach for example Level 100 Bronze you Need for Level 101 or Bronze 1 Star Level 1 20000 exp and then for Level 102 you Need like for Level 2 just 3000 exp again that means after Promotion the System will always repeat as same at Level 102, that means for Level 202 you Need 3000 exp and so on, i have a List where each Level and its needed Exp and at which Level the Portraits Change, is declared. My List goes to Level 4200 don't get confused a cap is at Blizzard's Point of view not set already, for now it seems Level 1900 is the cap a Player which Name i forgot has reached Level 1870 already. So in my List everything after Gold is not clarrified, and might Change due that Blizzard of Course have other plenty ideas and plans ^^. But i sit on upcoming Portrait designs as fanarts so besides overwatch i have something to do^^. Here is the list its an Excel file http://www.file-upload.net/download-12199795/OWRC.xlsx.html if you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to post them here^^.
No Problem if you want a sneak view of what awaits you or a quick overview i have a List for you^^, if you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to tell me^^. The List an Excel file here: http://www.filedropper.com/owrc
after first star youre technically level 101 now so it stays at 20000 xp per level