bows stun lock this boss to oblivion easy first try
I don't know why you're getting downvoted. Arrows ***** this boss up
this is the hardest boss for me so far. her 5 shot triple ice barrage always gets me even when i dodge the first 2 shots. the rest of her attacks are really ez for me after trying to beat her for about 3 hours but she always kills me with her barrage in the second phase.
She has devastating attacks and may one shot you with her ice missles( sprint away, don't roll, because the last one will get you once the iframes go out, she won't use them all at once). You want to play it safe at hit her once or twice, back up, because her speed and aoe is good. Let her attack, and when she tires, (her stamina recovers really slowly, she will run out of juice after a bunch of attacks) that's when you get her. Best time to living weapon is when her stamina is out and you hit her, causing her to stop and cast a spell to recover her stamina. You can stagger her and you can do critical damage with a Living weapon. There are plenty of chances to spam her with various ranged attacks, as sometimes she will slowly walk to you instead of sprinting, esp if she intends to melee. You can unleash a guardian spirit or a bunch of kunai. be wary of how fast she recovers from attacks. Her combos are small, but the window you get to hit her, after she does her two or three hit is small. You may get tagged again if your combo is large.
two big things -block ice shards thrown at you -during second phase keep a longer distance from her once she does her charge finisher get in one or two shots then get way back again , after that shes rather easy i did this without ranged or spirit power ..
This boss fight is one of the most fun and well coordinated if you let it be so. I accidentally found EZ mode with blind shells. She just misses every attack and you can spam at her. Without ninjitsu it’s a fun boss though
In my opinion the worst boss. Terribly boring and infuriating. I came back to the game after one or two years and I was stuck in this level. This boss was just hit, run, hit, run, hit, run in endless repetition which bored the mind out of me and made me want to just be done with it. Her random charge attack which she randomly just does feels dumb and getting hit by it lacks weight, not telegraphed enough and the punishment is too easy. What a lackluster, empty and expressionless boss.
A huge time waster boss
Can you parry this boss? Looks parry-able but tried for one hour to oarry but could not.