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Farm for it off the two sword Balder Knights at the top of Sen's Fortress if you had no luck in the beginning.
So I just got this after getting the demon's greataxe from the Taurus Demon,Im very lucky today it seems
Me too bro
I love this sword
Best straight sword in the series. Have you taken the Balderpill yet?
Get yourself this monster of a sword, get 40 dex and 40 faith, buff this thing with sunlightblade and yourself with power withing, and there you go, enjoy your 700+damage r2/2000 damage parrys with the hornet ring
Oonga bonga stupid dexbuilderz,

we call this toothpick the Bull**** Sword bacc in our place
This is one of my favorite weapons on the series , with 35 STR and 50 DEX It deals about 400 of damage that alongside 50 FTH with the Sunlight Blade or Darkmoon Blade you can easily deal 700-800 and that's not all combining with Power Within and the Leo Ring you might deal more than 1400 of damage.