The easiest boss in the game. A single use of living weapon beats it almost instantly. Anyone dying to this thing must suck, really really bad.
And people disliking this comments should git gid or consider to just quit the game.
Honestly it is kind of true, albeit my Living weapon had burned out before the battle finished. But I will say that I knew this was a boss cause I looked at the windows, saw a large space area and decided to check rest of map before I fought it lol Though most I can suggest for anyone having a hard time, Power Pill, Defense Down, Pop Living weapon, attack as much as you can, then proceed to read its attacks cause its seeming to be a Nue but without the lightning strikes coming down.
Nobody cares, you’re bringing nothing to the discussion. Go measure your e-peen somewhere else
can swipe 4 times, each swipe stuns you which makes it impossible to dodge. don't get scratched = ez win