I have a guard ki reduction NON CRITICAL at 30% for my sword btw
Yeah I got that too and it's white. Makes no sense.
Skill damage 21.9% is the highest ive rolled and/or seen..if anyone else has seen a larger roll please let me know.
What kind of pool does 'Pierce Guard (close combat)' belong to ? Please, update the board !!
is a 210 element roll really possible?
seems like a type lol. More like 21
How can i reforge a star skill? Exp night rain star skill
too many stats missing...
not sure if someone will even read it but i need the inheritable change to attack (dexterity) for my kusa build. I would be very grateful if some kind soul could help me out and drop one form me...
weapons and armor dont keep rolls when revenants drop them
Is possible to put the chances?