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Here is what I've encountered on NG+. I do the solo offline walkthrough as usual, mind my business and all, until both bells are rung. Frampt doesn't show up. The hole is open but he is not there. Well, whatever. So I do Darkroot, Sen's, Arno, The New Londo, The Abyss (Kaathe doesn't show here either) and go Tomb of the Giants. Ok, time to fix the yellow barriers, but.. the ***g snake is STILL not there. So I jump down the hole myself and immediately get the Kaathe-side ending cutscene. Game over man. Whaat?! (I still have pre-jump save and can continue journey to all the places not closed off by the yellow barriers, but after that?) I think my game is broken at this point. Anyone had something like that before?
Ive rested at the crystal cave bonfire and even kindled it. Afterward i warped back to firelink shrine. However i still dont see the option to warp back to the crystal cave. Am i doing something wrong? Im playing the unpatched offline version of this game btw.
i think you have to warp to duke's archives then you can warp to the crystal cave but i may be wrong
Can I really warp to tomb of the giants? Cause I’m stuck with Nito and feel like upgrading my weapons but I have no stone shards, and wouldn’t like to travel all they way from the catacombs
why can't I warp to certain bonfires its just annoying even if its so you can explore the world I already did that to find the bonfire let me warp to it
fun limiting the warble bonfires especially when I need to go to izalith after leaving I love walking from quelaggs domain all the way to the shortcut fun fromsoft fun