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I tore through the map the moment I landed outside Arx. I didn't even bother looting stuff. I blazed through the conversation options, really only considering what Sebille will do when I found Butter. I found Butter. That was a terrible ending to that story. Definitely feel like it was just tossed in. They gave Delorus something and I'm not convinced I really saw him in Fort Joy to begin with. She deserves better.
Alas Butter...I just found her how sad. But not nearly as sad as when Aerith died in Final Fantasy 7 (sniff...I'm still not over that one) :-(
Aerith was childish and wishy-washy. Tifa for life.
Some wounds never heal...
Poor Butters. I lit her campfire in remembrance. The party said their goodbyes. Ifan gave a good eulogy while the Red Prince cried. To bad they did not give a way to save her or a spirit to talk too. Very disappointing.
Seconded. Extremely disappointed. I doubt I'll ever get an answer, but I assume this person wasn't being literal when they said they could say their goodbyes...I didn't get any options whatsoever. No spirit. No eulogy. No nothing. Just a body, a name, and sadness.
Have they fixed this story in Defenitive? I hope they have. Anyway after reading Butter's diary it says that she has met someone special. So even if she used to be a scoundrel back in her days it seems like she wants to live a peaceful life. So I completely ignore the dwarf in act 2 saying that she used to rob people. She obviously wanted to change and even helps you out agaisnt griff who outnumber you. THAT takes guts. The fact that the devs didnt finish this questline properly pisses me off abit :(
a poisen barrel next to her place get destroyed. seems to be the stupid AI just walk there waypoints down she died in fort joy and i wasnt even near to her aftrer the griff encounter...