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does it work while on your back?
Yes it does.
if you have more than one does it stack? like if I hold three (of any combo of blossom and slumbering dragon) like two slumbering and a blossom... does that give +15% I am trying it and well it is hard to time it
Slumbering dragon does not give stamina regen but yes the items that actually do will stack.
Also note you can Not wear two of the same type of ring.
They were referring to the slumbering dragon shield which gives Stamina Regen equal to blossom shield
i think if the undead chosen one had three arms then yes
Slumbering dragon "shield" does do stamina regen, it says so right at the bottom of its item description
Best stamina regen shield
The only one in the game dumbass
There are other shields that regen stamina you *.
Also known as Goatse Shield