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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

it's weird that the spear tips are glowing when the grave wardens use them but not when the player equips one
We merely adopted the Dark. They were born in it... raised by it...
0.5 weight? Is this weapon really this light or is the information wrong?
Totally wrong. It's 6 units.
the first 2HR2 seem to be subject to sweet spot effect :
when I hit near the end, the damage is bigger than i expected and when i hit with the shaft, it was pretty small
perhaps the first 1HR2 is affected as well
do i miss something or is this weapon completely dominated by dark partizan ?
lower base damage, lower dex scaling, higher str scaling, but not enough to compensate
lower base dark lower dark scaling (or equal ? for dark silverspear)
higher weight. Harder to find (need to farm vs one is buyable and one +6 is found in the dlc
For hexers, it has better stats, and since it has innate dark scaling it does much better with dark infusion.
Wow best picture can see everything of the spear.... gosh quality is rarely found in wikis
Why don't you contribute yourself?
You ever hear of google images?....
Anyone willing to trade a heide knight sword for the spear?