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I feel anyone wonder where he spawns, it's freaking everywhere, I've been invaded by him once went back and he didn't invade again, it's a random chance and it's nearly everywhere so be careful


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I have a feeling that this forlorn dude is like a glass cannon powerful in Offense but bad at defense so he has to have weakness to something
Ultra Greatswords absolutely wreck Forlorn, as long as you always leave yourself a little stamina to roll away after you attack
What if forlorn are the undead that chose aldias ending? Constantly wandering the world in search of something to call home. Born could mean made a new rather than created and if the undead doesnt take up the mantle of monarch to light the flame their world would end like in dark souls 3, forcing them to drift into other worlds.
thats deep man
100% invade is only in Huntsman Copse near those big fat guys. His other invasions are totally random, he can invade almost everywhere, including DLC's. He can invade you even multiplie times in exact same area, example: He might invade you near every giant tree in Fotfg. He can invade you even after you defeat boss of the area or even after you clear whole area from the enemies. He's an ******, but there's one thing to make fights with him easier, he block with sword/scythe very often, like about after 2-3 attacks/combos/hit-trades, he will block for some time, enough to guardbreak and punish, take that atventage.

IMPORTANT: There is one nasty place where he can invade you - it's in Shulva. Inside the sanctum in room, where are multiplie ghosts. Near hidden bonefire (the one you have to open with those buttons and jump for it), in room where there are cursed corpes of knights you want to destroy to make them valueable on physical side. The room where are two big holes and one little path beneath those, the corpses are on walls. YEAH, he might invade you in there with 3-5 ghost at same time. Here's tip, just run around and destroy a corpse at a time when u can, dodge, knights will eventually drop in holes, when u destroy all of corpses, kill knights first or try to make them fall, then kill him.
EDIT: 100% are alose in Aldia's keep after u light scones, but those kills doesn't count towards Straid's offer.
EDIT: Also those... darn...
is there any guaranteed spawn points for him, im trying to get his set and need to kill him 6 times
the huntsmans copse has a guaranteed spawn, just to the left of the first guy with the hooks on the lower area
Do you have to start all over again when you start NG+ or does the counter continue? Ie, if i killed three in NG, will it count the first that invades in ng+ at the 4th or the the 1st?



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I've had Forlorn invade all over. One invaded by the first Giant memory, another before The Pursuer's boss fight location, Black Gulch, Crown of the Ivory King, Huntsman's Copse, Brightstone Cove Tseldore near the blacksmith, and Drangleic Castle. The spawn points seem to be pretty random, and based on my play through its always been the one with the Greatsword. The only time the one with the Scythe spawned was in the Ivory King, however when I went back to Straid of Olaphis he only sold the Greatsword. So not sure if he only sells the weapon of the first Forlorn that spawns once you've defeated enough to get the full armor set?
How do you get them to spawn? I went though the game three times with the dlc but not single one appeared, Also had the game before the dlc and played before it. When I got the dlc's I also got all three key for each dlc area when I went back on, I play on the 360 version. Can someone help?
I'm pretty sure he only invades on new gen scholar of the first sin
I got invaded by him in shrine of amana ...... help me