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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

When using DMB + Darkmoon Talisman (rank 3) at 50 faith on this weapon, the AR is 474(.6) magic 480 physical. Go wild with your 954 damage weapon that will do more than 300 damage through your average shield.
Definitely going to try this on my next playthrough :p
Heeey, that's pretty good!
What happen to Kalameme sword!? Why is the r2 looks so bad!?
Full R2 is pretty underwhelming. I mean, its awesome, and cool, but half the time you'll just get backstabbed and the other half they'll roll out of it. BUT, IF YOU ARE A GOD OF LAG LIKE SOME PEOPLE I KNOW ARE, THIS THING IS GOD LEVEL, 20/3. Spam that full R2 and wait for them to go in, not realising for you it looked like you used it about 5 minutes ago as they get hit in the face by it.
Remastered does not list the sword as a greataxe, it is properly listed as a greatsword on the item description
That's why this site has posted this sword under greatsword...
It's the edgy tryhard sword for noobs
Wow are you the same loser that wrote buffs are for noobs too, wonder what's next. Why not just say dark souls is for noobs and save us your whining on every page.
Would be great if I could cut that **** tail off....