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I was playing in coop with somebody and the area is fogged down. It can't be attacked while in coop?
Because it is a boss arena bellow that platform
I want a twenty page essay on why a PYROMANCER is weak to FIRE
Fire Clutch Ring
have you heard "fight fire with fire"?
The master pyromancer guy at Firelink Shrine (I can't remember what's his name btw) always says 'Fear the fire!' (and st like that). Maybe pyromancers are weaker to fire (by lore)? Who knows?...
I redo my armor, set my best weapon, get my items ready, embered up. i hit him once and he falls.. ~.~
use vow of silence, laugh as his ***** *** bugs and cant attack till attacked
Considering the dialogue in DS1 always trash talked Priscilla, is it possible that his "hideous spouse" might have been her?
Considering where you find the parting flame, which says it was given as an offering, I'd say it's pretty conclusive that yes, his spouse is Priscilla. Calling her hideous is, as you said, just something Fromsoft likes to do. Prolly to get the rest of us all riled up because Priscilla is clearly the one true waifu of DS I.
Quelaag. Look at his equipment and spells description.
Or Quelaan, the Fair Lady. But considering he's wielding Chaos katana, made of Quelaag's soul, first assumption is more truthful, I think.
Also, Quelaan's remains have turned to stone, and still there in DS 3, but Quelaag's nowhere to be found.
Haha. I just knocked him off the stage.
That is virtually impossible to do at soul level 1.
Is there any way to exit the area after thr fight without using the homeward bone ?
Fire user vulnerable to fire. Oh you, FROM.
I actually had some problems with this guy until I switched from ranged pyro to my chaos longsword and turned his flaming little butt to cinders. Began with a really nice backstab :D